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Re: F10: mount floppy from gnome

Antonio Olivares wrote:
--- On Fri, 11/28/08, Craig Goodyear <cjhs22a swbell net> wrote:

I am not able to mount a floppy using the mount option for
the floppy drive in the Computer folder on the Gnome desktop. Selecting the open option, gives the following error: "Unable to mount location, Can't mount file". I do not get any selinux errors. /dev/fd0 is created when the computer boots.

However, if I add the following entry to /etc/fstab for the
floppy, I can mount, access, or umount the floppy from a terminal:
/dev/fd0     /mnt/floppy      auto    noauto,user    0 0

You can fire up a terminal and do $ gnome-mount -d /dev/fd0
or /dev/fdX where X is 0,1,2,... depending on how many floppies are in your computer.

Many computers nowadays do not come with floppies, but if yours has one, you can use gnome-mount to mount it and the entry will be created in /media/disk usually.



Antonio, thank you for the quick reply. Using your suggestion does work. In addition, after using it one time, I am now able to mount the floppy drive from the floppy icon in the Computer folder.


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