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F10 Crash on laptop Radeon 200M

Finally upgraded my Gateway laptop with ATI Radeon Express 200M video
to Fedora 10.  The computer now only stays up for a few minutes when X
is running, then locks up -- no keyboard, mouse, and display freezes.
I am not sure if I can ssh to it (not yet tested).  This is my wife's
laptop and has been running Fedora 6 and was VERY stable for several
years....  Wife is not very happy at this point.  Note, I reported
this to RedHat bugzilla (and D. Jones at Redhat already had opened a
bug on this some time ago).

I also tried to get the non-free driver working but it won't build
with Fedora 10 yet.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem (this was sent
from XP on the same laptop),

Also note that I have a bad CD-ROM/DVD drive so I had to use the
PXEBOOT vmlinuz and initrd from the install DVD plus a hard disk
install -- worked mostly great.  The first time I tried it, anaconda
crashed just after formatting /boot and / rendering the laptop nearly
unbootable (grub was in the MBR so I was able to manually boot XP,
fixup my data partition, and then re-attempt the install).  Yesterday
was very frustrating.

Wade Hampton

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