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Re: Warning: rpmfusion nvidia driver needs a special xorg.conf setup.

On 29.11.2008 17:52, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
On Sat, 2008-11-29 at 13:53 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 29.11.2008 00:16, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
Come to think of it, the fglrx drivers are also missing. ATI/AMD just
released a new version of these on 11-18 as well.
If you get them to work in a proper way(¹) let the RPM Fusion packagers know via http://bugzilla.rpmfusion.org. But they right now afaics simply don't work on F10.

See also:

Please note that the graphics drivers from AMD are not yet available in
the repositories as it seems they don't work with F10 right now. If you
know how to make them work let us know, then we'll try to ship them as
an update as soon as possible.

(¹) -- there are dirty hacks known to make them work (you should not use them if you can't find them on your own). Those require one installs the libdrm from F9 -- but that (obviously) is nothing RPM Fusion can or wants do, as we don't want to mess up peoples systems

Wow... A simple "No, it's not working on F10 yet because, among other
things, the only known way to get it to work is to downgrade libdrm -
which we think is a _really_ bad idea!" would have done just fine.

It wasn't meant as offense. If it came over as one: sorry.

I spent a few minutes digging on this. The hacks you mentioned appear to
date back to releases of the ATI drivers that are earlier than what is
currently available from AMD.

Then you to the best of my knowledge digged into the wrong direction. See: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=205030&page=2

Perhaps it would also help if this issue was actually communicated
someplace conspicuous on the RPMFusion site. Not everyone looking at
RPMFusion will pick up a small paragraph at the end of a rather long
post in fedora-announce.
I'm looking at RPMFusion.org right now, and there's absolutely nothing
there about this. But there is something in the FAQ section about why
people _should_ install the RPMFusion nVidia and ATI drivers, and that
in turn provides a link to the "RPMFusionSwitcher" page, which gives
complete instructions on how to (allegedly for ATI) do it.

I think the RPMFusion team would save a lot of people (let alone
themselves) a fair amount of pain and anguish if they:
1) Provided status on the site (takes less time than it took for you to
write your message

2) Asked for help, including giving a technical explanation of the
problem(s) with libdrm in F10 and fglrx - or whatever else is the issue.

Maybe then, enough people would escalate things with AMD that they might
actually do something to fix the problem, assuming the issue is with the
proprietary driver. If I knew enough about complex packaging of drivers
for X, I would gladly help. Unfortunately I'm an Enterprise
Infrastructure Architect, and am not "hacker qualified" in the X.org
driver development area.

Fully agreed. But that needs volunteers and people that actually do that. most RPM Fusion contributors are already overloaded. Would you want to help?


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