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Re: F10 Crash on laptop Radeon 200M

Christopher A. Williams wrote:
On Sat, 2008-11-29 at 11:44 -0600, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 12:02:13 -0500,
  Wade Hampton <wadehamptoniv gmail com> wrote:
Finally upgraded my Gateway laptop with ATI Radeon Express 200M video
to Fedora 10.  The computer now only stays up for a few minutes when X
is running, then locks up -- no keyboard, mouse, and display freezes.
I am not sure if I can ssh to it (not yet tested).  This is my wife's
laptop and has been running Fedora 6 and was VERY stable for several
years....  Wife is not very happy at this point.  Note, I reported
this to RedHat bugzilla (and D. Jones at Redhat already had opened a
bug on this some time ago).

I also tried to get the non-free driver working but it won't build
with Fedora 10 yet.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem (this was sent
from XP on the same laptop),
It's probably worth disabling modesetting to see if that fixes the problem.
Either way a bug report is a good idea.

Ironically, as I was reading this thread, this exact thing happened to
me! X just totally froze up on my desktop. No keyboard, no mouse.

I did notice that the system clock at the top was still ticking seconds
away. Boy am I glad I changed _that_ setting. :) Otherwise I would have
thought the system was totally frozen.

I was able to use my laptop (also running F10) to ssh to the afflicted
desktop machine and reboot it from there.

I don't think this particular problem is a driver issue with ATI. My
desktop is currently running the RPMFusion nVidia drivers on a GeForce
7100 chip set. This more likely has to be X or some other related

Since you already created it, let us know the Bugzilla number and I'll
add my info to it.



Several releases ago there were interactions with one of the screen savers. I encountered this on a desk top with an nvidia card and disabled the more advance (complicated and visually interesting) versions and the problem went away. I found that I could use the "blank" screen saver with out a problem. I've _not_ encountered this in F10 but it might be worth taking a look at the screensavers. Sorry I don't have any more details.


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