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Re: The gpg wizard

Anne Wilson wrote:
> I believe you are right - it would be a kgpg wizard.  I've a plan
> now for troubleshooting this.  Basically I'll set up thunderbird
> with enigmail.  If that works I know it's a kmail issue.  If it
> doesn't it's a gpg issue, in which case I'll probably remove gpg and
> reinstall it, rather than mess around any further.

I would imagine that if something is not setup right with gnupg, that
removing and reinstalling won't fix it, since all the useful
configuration for gnupg is user specific (in ~/.gnupg).

If you don't find that it's a kmail issue, perhaps post some details
of what the problem is.  I'm worthless for a kmail problem, but could
probably help if it's a gnupg problem.

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