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Re: The gpg wizard

On Saturday 29 November 2008 19:33:06 Todd Zullinger wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > I believe you are right - it would be a kgpg wizard.  I've a plan
> > now for troubleshooting this.  Basically I'll set up thunderbird
> > with enigmail.  If that works I know it's a kmail issue.  If it
> > doesn't it's a gpg issue, in which case I'll probably remove gpg and
> > reinstall it, rather than mess around any further.
> I would imagine that if something is not setup right with gnupg, that
> removing and reinstalling won't fix it, since all the useful
> configuration for gnupg is user specific (in ~/.gnupg).
True - I was intending removing that as well, in case I had something really 
screwed up there.

> If you don't find that it's a kmail issue, perhaps post some details
> of what the problem is.  I'm worthless for a kmail problem, but could
> probably help if it's a gnupg problem.

If I call kgpg I can see all the keys on my keyring, but I'm having problems 
with kmail.  It can't set a key for either signing or encryption - it says it 
is fetching the key - and it also says that it is checking the key at the same 
time - but they go on until you stop them.

If that were all I'd think that I either had a gpg setup/install issue or the 
daemon wasn't starting, but it's not that simple.  KMail can see and use the 
keys to notify the status of signed emails, and can even decrypt encrypted 

I'm left wondering how KMail can be seeing and using the keys in one 
situation, but not the other.  All ideas would be truly welcome.  Otherwise, 
when I get back from a few days' break I'm going to try thunderbird.  I'd hate 
to do that as a long-term solution, though, particularly since KMail on my 
Mandriva laptop is still functioning correctly.


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