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Re: The gpg wizard

Anne Wilson wrote:
> If I call kgpg I can see all the keys on my keyring, but I'm having
> problems with kmail.  It can't set a key for either signing or
> encryption - it says it is fetching the key - and it also says that
> it is checking the key at the same time - but they go on until you
> stop them.
> If that were all I'd think that I either had a gpg setup/install
> issue or the daemon wasn't starting, but it's not that simple.
> KMail can see and use the keys to notify the status of signed
> emails, and can even decrypt encrypted mail.
> I'm left wondering how KMail can be seeing and using the keys in one
> situation, but not the other.  All ideas would be truly welcome.
> Otherwise, when I get back from a few days' break I'm going to try
> thunderbird.  I'd hate to do that as a long-term solution, though,
> particularly since KMail on my Mandriva laptop is still functioning
> correctly.

Odd.  It definitely sounds like something kmail or kgpg related.  If
it was gnupg, I wouldn't think you'd be able to descypt things.

You could skip setting up Thunderbird and just test gpg from a
terminal.  If you can list keys, sign, verify, encrypt, and decrypt
from the command line, that would seem to rule out gpg.

Some example commands to try:

gpg --list-keys
gpg --list-secret-keys

echo testing> /tmp/gpgtest
gpg --sign -a /tmp/gpgtest
gpg --verify /tmp/gpgtest.asc
gpg -r annew kde org --encrypt /tmp/gpgtest
gpg --decrypt /tmp/gpgtest.gpg

(Replace annew kde org if that's not the address on one of your keys.)

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