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Re: F10 Crash on laptop Radeon 200M

On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 11:02 AM, Wade Hampton <wadehamptoniv gmail com> wrote:
> Finally upgraded my Gateway laptop with ATI Radeon Express 200M video
> to Fedora 10.  The computer now only stays up for a few minutes when X
> is running, then locks up -- no keyboard, mouse, and display freezes.
> I am not sure if I can ssh to it (not yet tested).  This is my wife's
> laptop and has been running Fedora 6 and was VERY stable for several
> years....  Wife is not very happy at this point.  Note, I reported
> this to RedHat bugzilla (and D. Jones at Redhat already had opened a
> bug on this some time ago).
> I also tried to get the non-free driver working but it won't build
> with Fedora 10 yet.
> Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem (this was sent
> from XP on the same laptop),
> Also note that I have a bad CD-ROM/DVD drive so I had to use the
> PXEBOOT vmlinuz and initrd from the install DVD plus a hard disk
> install -- worked mostly great.  The first time I tried it, anaconda
> crashed just after formatting /boot and / rendering the laptop nearly
> unbootable (grub was in the MBR so I was able to manually boot XP,
> fixup my data partition, and then re-attempt the install).  Yesterday
> was very frustrating.
> Thanks,
> --
> Wade Hampton

I have the same problem with my wife's laptop (mentioned here in
another thread) and it has the 200M chipset as well. Can this be a
problem with the video driver? I had F9 working on it fine with the
same version of the kernel it's running now with no problems. I also
found that if I did not log in it did not lock up. Sometimes it works
for 10 minutes, sometimes for 25 but that's about the longest I've had
it work without locking up. I also was able to SSH into the machine
but I could not do a gdm-restart or init 3 or anything like that. I
could, however, reboot it.

If you figure anything out I'd love to know what you did!


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