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Re: F10 flat out rocks...

> > EDID is the information the monitor sends to the
> computer
> > that contains valid 
> > resolutions, modelines, frequencies etc... that the
> monitor
> > supports. I have 
> > no idea why would the machine freeze if given wrong
> (or
> > null) EDID info from 
> > the monitor. But nevertheless, why don't you try
> > substituting the monitor 
> > with another one (if you happen to have a spare one
> > around)?
> > 
> > HTH, :-)
> > Marko
> I have trid it on two monitors, one Dell 1028L, which
> supports up to 1280x1024 and this ViewSonic G75 f, which can
> go as high as 1600x1200 :), 
> I had to include an xorg.conf file here, because the best I
> could get without one was 640x480 and still computer would
> freeze with that resolution :(
> Thanks,
> Antonio 
> -- 

I have used Xorg -configure and placed the HorizSync and VertRefresh Values for both monitors:



The most that the Machine has lasted without freezing or shutting it down on my own running Fedora 10 was 1 day.  It so far has run 3:58 with X running and playing some music and some DVD's.  I am trying to record the session as the computer starts in level 3.  when a freeze occurs I should capture some important information and get back.

Thanks for your help.



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