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F10: The good and the bad

Hi all,

  Last time when F9 was made available, I wrote a good/bad article that
was mostly bad and ended up 'upgrading' my main workstation to F8.
This time around, being forwarned, I did not install enthusiastically
F10 on the main workstation.  I tried it in VmWare first, then
installed it on a spare WS, 32-bit version.

  Well, it's much better now, to the point that I won't take it off the
workstation.  But there are some annoying things, which are not major.

 - Konsole: cannot seemingly disable the menu bar, as in previous
versions.  Everything else can be disabled, and saved as such, but not
the menu bar.  If you remove it and open another tab, then it

 - Konqueror: stupid bug that does not work with clusty.com.  Now, I
may be part of the weirdo club you know, the ones who are using
Konqueror, a lot of Konsoles, and not Google but Clusty.  Well, try
this: do a search using clusty.com, go to the bottom of the page and
press next.  The search criteria vanishes.  Use Firefox: it works.  Use
Konqueror in F8: it works.  Stupid bug.  I hope it does not have more

 - gkrell:  no gkrell ?

 - Two other bugs, not seen twice so far:

   - Suddenly the session locks up, blanking the screen and asking for
a password.  No keyboard input possible.  Had to power-cycle the
machine.  Hopefully this will not happen again.

   - The auto upgrade app: at 40%, asks for trusting a key, answer is
yes, enter password, and then no more downloads, ever.  No way out, had
to kill the process.

  On the down side in general, home-wise, I don't think I will switch
from Fedora 6 yet as far as music recording (jack, Ardour, Seq24,
Zynaddsubfx, jamin, etc...) as I do not have the impression 

  All in all a great release.  Transpareny is nice, but don't try it in
VmWare: crash.  Also, the font misadjustments seen in VmWare are not
found when doing a real install.  Undoubtly a video settings query

  I think I was right with the even numbers.  I have good experiences
with 6,8, and now 10.  Bad with 7 and 9.  Before you ask, I won't try
13 ;-)


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