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Re: Fedora 10 install issues

On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 03:43:37AM -0700, Kevin Kempter wrote:
> I'm trying to instal Fedora10 on my new laptop but I've run into a few issues.  
> It's a Dell Precision M6400  - I'm running KDE
> I have 2 issues:
> 1) I cannot get the full screen resolution
> I can go to administration --> display and under the 'Hardwae' tab I can 
> configure the display as a generic or as a Dell 1920x1200 but no matter what 
> I choose the 'Settings' tab only lets me choose a max of 1400x1050

You may need to generate an xorg.conf file.  I prefer to install the
'system-config-display' package, and then as root run
'system-config-display --reconfig'.  Select your proper monitor from
the list.  When you're done, edit the 'Modes' line in the "Screen"
section to include a mode for your actual resolution.

> 2) system notification sound works, and rhythmbox sound works but no other 
> sound / players work such as amaok or Kaffiene

I don't have any real KDE skills so I can't help you with this one.
Anyone else?

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