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Re: How to resize disk in fedora?

On Fri, 2008-11-28 at 18:13 +0100, barba Fisko wrote:
> I installed some time ago Fedora 9, to try linux. 
> When i was installing i set 50 gb of my disk space for fedora 9. 
> Now i would like to reduce that size to some 20gb, because i don't
> need so much space on linux, and i need much more space on my windows
> partition.
> How to do that?

That's a multi-step process, and it depends in large part on your
current partitioning configuration and whether you're using LVM.

If you need to resize an LVM PV, you're best bet is probably to
temporarily add another PV (using an external drive, temporary
partition, or a loopbacked file in another filesystem), migrate off the
existing PV to the temp one, remove the first PV and recreate it in the
new size, re-add it to the VG, migrate off the temp PV, and remove the
temp PV. Obviously, a lot more information about your system is needed
before we can recommend specific steps, so posting the output of 'df
-h', 'mount', 'vgs', 'pvs', 'lvs', and 'fdisk -l /dev/sda' (assuming one
hard drive) would be a great start.

If you're not using LVM (or after you've taken care of the LVM issues),
it's probably easiest to run Gparted from a live disc and use its GUI to
do what you want.


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