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Problems with kdm in F10


I've just installed F10 and have fully updated the system.
When I replace gdm with kdm, I can only log in to KDE using the root 
account. When I try to log in using a regular user account, I get the 
following error message:
"Cannot enter home directory. Using /."
When I click ok, I get this other one:
"Could not start kstartupconfig4. Check your installation."

If I revert to gdm, everything is fine again. What may be causing this 

Also, user photos are not shown in kdm. The default image is displayed 
for every user, despite they all have their photos configured since 
before F10 was installed. I did a fresh install of F10 (didn't upgrade 
from F9), but the /home file system was not modified. The user photos 
still appear in Kickoff. KDM was configured with System Configuration to 
show preferentially the user photos and use the default image only if 
users have not provided their own photos. Why aren't the user photos 
displayed in kdm?



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