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Re: Squid stops firefox after upgrade to F10 from F9

On Sat, 29 Nov 2008 16:00:10 +0000
Colin Paul Adams <colin colina demon co uk> wrote:

> I've had to turn of the proxy on Firefox so as to access the internet.
> Hopefully Franck Cox can tell me what I need to do (as it is his setup
> for the ultimate web browsing machine that I use).
> In /etc/squid I see three files (amongst others):
> squid.conf - squid.conf.default and squid.conf.rpmnew .
> The first one is dated in May, and presumably is the one that contains
> the modifications that I made to use Franck's setup. But why isn't it
> using it now? And why is there a .default file?

Edit the squid.conf.* that you have with the newest date and make the
modifications that are described in my article on that file.

Then rename it squid.conf and you should be away.

F10 with that setup is working fine for me here on several computers.

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