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F10: too many Network headaches


I just installed F10 on my system (replacing -- not upgrading -- a previous F9 installation). In general, installation went by just fine. However, setting up my network has been unbelievably hard.

I have a DI-624 router, and I am using static IP (I turned its DHCP server off because it was rebooting when my wife's MacBook Pro connected). This setup has worked flawlessly with F9 and even F8.

First weird symptom: NetworkManager refuses to allow me to edit settings for eth0. It doesn't ask me for any kind of authentication and simply shows all fields disabled. I don't know why it started doing this, because right after I booted for the first time I was able to edit it. Later on I disabled SELinux, don't know if this is related somehow. This is specially annoying because I can't configure DNS servers this way, and must always edit /etc/resolv.conf manually.

Second weird symptom: System > Administration > Network Device Control didn't show any interfaces I could manage (maybe this is the correct behavior when NetworkManger is in charge, I don't know...)

So, I turned NM off and switched back to plain system-config-network (which I'd rather not do, since I need to use NetworkManager every now and then to manage a GSM modem).

To my surprise, even though I try to set my subnet mask to, it was setting it to my IP address (, or sometimes to my gateway address ( I had to manually go through the files at /etc/sysconfig/network/ to fix this. Also, s-c-n allowed me to create a copy of eth0 profile, but didn't allow me to remove it (had to do it manually as well).

Right now everything is working just fine I guess, but if I reenable NM it screws things up again.

AFAICS I'm probably experiencing many bugs at once (NM and s-c-n). Anyone experienced anything like this? Should I start filing bug reports?



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