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Re: open nautilus in text mode?

Dave Stevens escribió:
> I've got a folder with 300K recovered jpegs that vary from teeny to several 
> megs. I tried to open the folder with Nautilus and got a 10 hour delay and 
> the whole display is so clumsy (slow) as to be useless.
> I'd like to take about 1K of the biggest files and move them to some other 
> folder but don't see how to do this with the icon view turned on. So.....
> Or, does anyone care to suggest some bash command that would move the largest 
> 1K files to a new (specified) folder. Then I'd hope to be able to use this 
> command repeatedly to get the files down to a manageable number.
Ricardo Gomez replied:
> Try:
> find . -name \*.jpg -size +1k -exec mv -v {} big_file_dir/ \;

Erm – I think Dave meant “the largest thousand files”, not “files larger
than 1K”.

find doesn’t make it easy to select the largest thousand files for
technical reasons.

I’d suggest choosing the JPEGs by size, since you have a good idea what
the spread is (say “-size +3M” to begin with, then “-size 2500k”, then…)
That won’t get them in neat thousands, but will enable you to winnow
them in the way you suggest.

Otherwise, something like
mv $(ls -l | sort -rnk5 | head -1000 | cut -c 52- ) big_file_dir
(assuming that they have relatively short names with no spaces in), or
ls -l | sort -rnk5 | head -1000 | cut -c 52- |xargs -I {} mv {} big_file_dir 

Hope this helps,


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