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EeePC 701 : Is pre-upgrade not optional??

	I am old, physically exhausted and in lousy health. (Don't ask.) 
One of the topics I've been ignoring completely, in order to manage at 
least something, is pre-upgrade -- taking for granted that the way I know 
would still work, be the virtues of pre-upgrade what they may.

	I bit-torrented F10 and burned it to a DVD. I want it ASAP for an 
EeePC 701, now running what was supposed to be F10 Beta (uname says 
F9.92.), and reported to solve the wireless problem. (It didn't. In fact, 
it is unable to connect, even by Ethernet cable to my router.)

	My choices appear to be either to do a fresh install (which I 
presume might work), DBAN the 701 and then do a fresh install, mothball 
the machine, or install some less congenial OS.

	Has anyone here tried any of these on a very early EeePC?

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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