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Re: Next silly Q, ktorrent this time.

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Gene Heskett wrote:

> I did the sha1sum on the burnt disk, it was good, but the dvd doesn't autoboot
> in the machine I was going to put it on.  Ubuntu's Hardy Heron cd does, in
> the same dvd reader. I haven't tried it here to see if it will autoboot
> though, and should.

if sha1sum check is good, it should boot.

if box it will not boot in has old bios, then dvd may not be recognized, while
a cd is.

when box boots, press <scroll lock> to hold bios notice and write it down.
check mainboard site for bios upgrade.

> Down with a cold, I haven't really felt like doing a whole lot.

take 2 aspirin, 2 sudafed, and a pint of bourbon. may not help rid your cold,
but your nose will not be running and you really will not mind.

> some drawer and door handles for an entertainment center I'm building 
> yesterday,


> but my shop has very little heat and the current temp is about 2C.  
> Being diabetic, that equals some darned cold feet. :(

lay cardboard on floor where working. even if you are not bald headed, where
a knit cap. cardboard helps keep coldness away from feet. cap stops body heat
from rapid escape from brain area. :o)

> Thanks again.

my glad.


peace out.



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