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Re: The gpg wizard

Ed Greshko wrote:
> I ran into a similar problem with enigmail recently.  Was not able to
> sign/encrypt out going emails as I would not get the pass phrase dialog
> box and I did get the same sort of error message.
> I wish I could tell you exactly what fixed it.  I fiddled around with
> the enigmail preferences, enabled "Display expert settings"...I believe
> I may have toggled the "use gpg-agent" button in the Advanced section
> (can't recall how it was set) and set up for Debugging.
> Somewhere along the line it just started to work again.
If you have "Use gpg-agent for passphrases" box checked, then it
will not work unless you have pgp-agent running. I think you also
have unlock your private key before trying to encrypt/sign.


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