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Re: some feedback on fedora 10

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Antonio Olivares wrote:

Most people do not have the need for a new kernel since the official
Fedora ones do the job, but there might be special needs that the OP has,
so he can go on and build his custom kernel.

In my limited experience, it is much easier and just as fruitful
to compile the official kernel rather than the Fedora one.
(I used to have to do this to get orinoco_usb working.)
I never found anything in the Fedora changes to the official kernel
that I seemed to require.

A well-written tool should work on either.

No, I don't *need* another kernel. But I'm not a n00b (hopefully that's not a pejorative, it's not meant as such), and I like to explore the kernel options and see what's out there. I'd like to have a way to just press a button and make it happen, after setting my options - and to know at a glance which options do what, which are dangerous, etc., etc. Just seems like one of the things that is perfectly suited to a nice graphical interface.


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