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Re: F10: too many Network headaches

On Sun, 30 Nov 2008 11:43:31 -0500
lanas <lanas securenet net> wrote:

> What's the good of a new manager if it doesn't do all aspects of the
> job right ?

Because it does a very good job for the stuff that's it's currently intended to

I use NM on my laptops and the old-style network service for my desktop
computers that have static addresses and never move.  My DNS server provides
static addresses to my laptops when they are connected locally, and when they
are "out and about" then NM provides whatever addresses are required at their
current location.

Everything works just dandy for me that way.

I like NM a lot.  For laptops.  I don't see any point in trying to use it on a
desktop, though.  Set a static address and call it done.

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