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A couple kvm questions.

Hello all,

I thinking about dropping vmware server and replacing it with KVM. (I'm
using brand new AMD Opterons and Intel Xeon so kvm_intel and kvm_amd
should be supported)
I'll be virtualizing Linux (Fedora, RHEL, CentOS), Windows (XP, 2K3,
2K8) and FBSD.

I've got a couple of questions: (I've google for most of them but
couldn't really find a satisfying answer)

A. I already converted my VM's to qemu (using qemu-img) and they are
working OK (minus networking). How can I import these qemu raw images
into virt-manager?

B. I require bridged networking on all my VMs. I already did the manual
job (as in creating ifcfg-br? for each ifcfg-eth? and creating the
bridge); never the less, what am I missing is: 1. Do you need to create
a different tun/tap device node for each VM? 2. Any method to automate
the tun/tap device node creation (and ownership) under Fedora?

C. Has anyone managed to get widescreen support under qemu/qemu-kvm?

- Gilboa

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