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Martin wrote:

> In article <gbtoen$tkt$1 ger gmane org>,
> Rex Dieter  <fedora-list redhat com> wrote:
>>Not exactly what you're after, but hopefully clears the air for some of
>>the questions raised in this thread:
> Clears the air? It looks like excuses for a bad decision.

Good news... if you or anyone are unhappy with the direction Fedora/KDE is
taking, take part within Fedora's KDE-SIG,
See, that's where all the hard decisions and work happens.  

I hearby issue a challege for greater community participation moving
... I double-DOG-dare ya! ... I TRIPLE-dog-dare ya! (1)

Clearly, there's a lot of interest, otherwise these threads wouldn't keep
resurfacing, right? :)

So, I'm open to feedback and suggestions to make things better in the
future.  Let 'er rip.

-- Rex

(1) bonus points for who get's the movie reference first  :)

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