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Heads up on potential F8 update cutoff deadline issues.

I understand that the cutoff date for updates to a Fedora release is
about 1 month after 2 newer releases have occurred.   Ie F10 is
scheduled to be released in November, 2008 thus putting the F8 cut off
at November + 1 month = December, 2008.

I think this policy needs some discussion with respect to F8 and the
result of that discussion needs to be *CLEARLY* communicated to the
community well in advance so that we can plan accordingly.

The elephant in the room with respect to this situation is KDE4.  I ran
F9 until this week and KDE4 is still lacking in many regards, especially
compared to the mature and stable KDE 3.5.10 in F8.  Nevertheless,
kernel and application development continues unabated and some of us are
going to need access to those updates while we continue to run F8,
awaiting a KDE4 that is... more polished. 

Maybe I am underestimating the version of KDE that will arrive in F10 ?

Notwithstanding that, I'm hoping  that the status of KDE4 is going to
justify keeping the F8 updates flowing longer than has been standard


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