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Re: Desktop AWOL


> I run FC2 on one of the machines inside our firewall - I just like the
> look and feel of it :-)  Just ten minutes ago, the desktop icons and
> facilities disappeared mid-session.  The icons and files on the desktop
> vanished, right-click on the desktop doesn't bring up a menu and I'm
> stumped.  How do I get it back?  The ~/Desktop directory is still there
> with its contents, but isn't being displayed.

Possibly your window manager died. If you have an open xterm try
executing it again (kwm, metacity or whatever -- you don't say which
desktop you're using so it's hard to predict).

I think it is metacity.  I did "metacity --replace &" and most of the open applications twitched then settled
down again.  But my icons, the trash-can and the desktop files didn't re-appear.  This is a straight Gnome
desktop as it came out of the box.  No 'Computer', no 'jonathan's Home', no nothing.  Not even the FC2 logo
in the middle of the screen.

Another thing that doesn't work is RedHat -> Browse Filesystem.  The disk light flicks a bit but nothing else
happens and I would have expected to be allowed to look at files.


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