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Re: Desktop AWOL


> I run FC2 on one of the machines inside our firewall - I just like the
> look and feel of it :-)  Just ten minutes ago, the desktop icons and
> facilities disappeared mid-session.  The icons and files on the desktop
> vanished, right-click on the desktop doesn't bring up a menu and I'm
> stumped.  How do I get it back?  The ~/Desktop directory is still there
> with its contents, but isn't being displayed.

As a fellow FC2 user, are you using Gnome, or KDE.

Gnome and metacity as far as I can tell.

I don't use Gnome, but I found something on Google, where someone had messed with Nautilus, which apparently is responsible for drawing icons, background, and the right click to get the menu. Perhaps Nautilus crashed, and is why you lost all the icons, etc.

Have you tried logging out, and backin.

Many times, over several days.  Even a reboot.

Perhaps try creating a new user, and see if you get the default icons for the new user.

No, other users seem OK.

btw. We need to start an FC2 users club. A bit like the Morris Minor club, but for ancient distros that still work well.

Absolutely.  I know each FC[1-*] and F[7-9] will each have their adherents, but
I'm just comfortable with the look and feel.


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