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Re: Using all of 4GB RAM... questions and Vista versus Linux...

On Wednesday 01 October 2008 07:54:51 am Linuxguy123 wrote:
> I have a new HP hdx laptop with a Core Duo T8100 processor and 4 GB of
> RAM.

> Questions:
> a) On machines that do not allow PCI remapping, is the processor
> physically disallowed from accessing that 4GB of RAM ?  Ie have the
> address lines from the processor been disconnected from that RAM due to
> being connected to the PCI devices ?
depends on the hardware
> b) How do XP and Vista handle this ? Are they limited to 3GB of RAM
> too ?
they are limited to what the bios will give them access to same as linux.  

> c) I am running the 32 bit version of Linux.  Would it make any
> difference to my RAM access if I ran the 64 bit version ?
maybe maybe not,  I have a dell latitude that while a 64 bit system has a 32 
bit memory controller.  so it only sees 3.25gb due to the memory hole.  with 
no way to access it .  this is a hardware limitation.  and cant be worked 

the issue here is probably hardware related and likely needs to be worked 
around in hardware.  if HP doesnt allow that  then you get what you see.  you 
can always try a 64 bit livecd to see if things work better for you there.


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