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Re: Linux and Lightscribe Technology

On Wed, 2008-10-01 at 08:51 -0500, Gene Poole wrote:

> | I've poked around the net looking for something to address my desire to
> | use my Fedora 8 box to burn Lightscribe labels onto my CDs and DVDs.
> But,
> | most of the software I found seems to be about 2-years old.  That
> seems to
> | me to be a long time without an update!  I've got 2-Windows machines that
> | will perform this task, but, I really would like to remain in my comfort
> | zone on Linux.
> I've never used the Windows Lightscribe software. Does it have features
> lacking in the linux version?

Lightscribe is not an open standard, and, as a result has had very
little development for GNU/Linux. Both the Lightscribe programs that
work on GNU/Linux, one from Lightscribe itself and one from LaCie are
both very basic, without nearly the same ease of use as the Windows
Lightscribe software.

Bruce Byfield 604-421.7177 on Pacific Time
email: bbyfield axion net
blog: http://brucebyfield.wordpress.com

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