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Slow Grub on new mobo Q


I built a new box yesterday, and one of the things I'm seeing is about a 10 
second lag between the bios clearing the screen after doing its thing, and 
the "Loading Grub stage 2", which stays on screen for several seconds, then 
its blanked for another 10 secs or so, and finally the grub 'choice' menu 
comes up.

This is with the new grub.  One thing I had done on the previous mobo was to 
have just one entry in /boot/grub/devices, but I see that has been reset by 
something from /dev/sdb to /dev/sda, presumably by upgrading grub this 

The bios is set to boot from the first ide, which is (hd0,0) I believe.

What can I post that might be of interest?, just ask.


Cheers, Gene
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