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Re: Updates caused problems...

Craig White wrote:

On Wed, 2008-10-01 at 10:38 -0700, Dan Thurman wrote:

> Clearly:
> 1) Kernel
>      Does not work for two different motherboards/systems,
>     nor for: Renich Bon Ciric <renich woralelandia com>
>     so, I do not think this problem is `unique' to me.  This kernel
>     is a show-stopper - so I have to revert to the previous kernel
>     version for now and hope a later update will resolve this issue.
> 2) The startup Gui stopped working due to latest updates (as of last week) > and if this is `unique' to me, then I will just ignore this and *maybe*
>      later updates will automagically repair it - as it sits now, it is
> not a
> show-stopper because ignoring the startup gui, in the end, the login
>      gui still appears.
> 3) The livna issue is a seperate issue - and is not a show-stopper as I have
>     removed them (kmod/akmod) and I know I can at least let the livna
>     group know about it.  It is obvious to me that kmod-ndiswarpper
>     expects an older kernel ( which is no longer
>     available in the repos.  Many of the other kmods reported many
> other dependencies as well - so it appears that livna is `out of sync',
>     perhaps but I will resolve this later - and focus on my main issues
>     (1) and (2)
> Ignoring the Livna issue, (1) and (2) remains and is unique to Fedora
> since these kernels comes from the Fedora repos and has nothing to
> do with Livna (so I think).
> Are you are telling me (and others) to use Bugzilla and not to report
> individual problem issues here in this list because these are `unique'
> problems?  How does one know if they are unique problems before
> they post it?  And even if they are `unique' - what are they supposed
> to do?  What is the point of this mailing list with the following
> statement:
> "Community assistance, encouragement,and advice for using Fedora"
> You come across as if to to say: "go to livna" and ignore the the other
> two problems reported altogether?
> This sort of reply does nothing to encourage people like myself to
> remain a faithful user to Fedora and I am almost beginning to see
> why, but I am not deterred - just a little bit disappointed.
> I would have at least expected a little direction as how to handle
> each of the problems reported, explain if there is a problem or not,
> perhaps a link, perhaps what to report, with what expected information,
> etc, so that at least I am not left perplexed as to what I really need to do
> next.
OK - I too will ignore the livna items

I think you can lean on the list all you wish. In fact, you seem to lean
on the list excessively but as long as people can and will help you out,
that's great.

I am not trying to discourage you from using Fedora. This list however
does nothing to 'report' problems - that's what bugzilla is for.


Thank you for letting me know how you feel.  Perhaps I do lean on this
list for the reasons stated (1) to discover if the problem reported has already
been reported and/or there is a fix and/or someone is working on it and
(2) to let anyone know about it so they can benefit from the posting if it
concerns them.  I know that many have responded asking for details
especially if the problem has been resolved by me or if others have
resolved it - a networked community helping each other out which
is the benefit of using this list in the first place.  IMO, there are a few
people esp. newbies,  go to a Bugzilla site to search for answers to
their specific problems - simply because - it is not that simple to find
so this mailing list provides them that "forum" where they can ask
about it and hopefully someone might know, and help out.

I have been resistant to using Bugzilla because it is a pain for me since
I use it so rarely and trying to fill in the fields for which I have not a clue
such as to what product/component the product/issue involves,  what
relevant data to provide which requires an intimate technical detail
level that a professional Fedora expert might know which can be beyond
a (semi) newbie's depth. But, I will try with each passing day to `get
used to it' and maybe it will become easier over time.

Kind regards,

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