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Re: livna update of kmod

don vogt wrote:

I suspect I may have missed something in reconfiguring for the new key. I have updated the kernel a couple of times. Once on an fc9 machine with an nvidia card (which needs kmod-nvidia-96xx) and once on fc9 using kqemu. Each time when I boot the system can't find the kmod for my new kernel I tried to update the kmods, with --enable repo =livna, with no luck.

I looked on the livna wiki and I have been watching here for something about this situation. help would be appreciated. I am lost.

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I reported this as well in my posting: "Updates causes problems..."

It turns out (I think) that livna kmods are built with kernels that are
older and fails to be installed via akmod --force as well.  Perhaps the
builds have not yet caught up with the latest kernel release, dunno.


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