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Re: Heads up on potential F8 update cutoff deadline issues.

Linuxguy123 <linuxguy123 <at> gmail.com> writes:
> Maybe I am underestimating the version of KDE that will arrive in F10 ?

F10 will ship with a KDE 4.1.x (likely 4.1.2 or 4.1.3).

We will likely also make KDE 4.2 prerelease packages available through 
kde-redhat unstable before F8 goes EOL. If you really don't like 4.1, maybe 4.2 
is for you?

> Notwithstanding that, I'm hoping  that the status of KDE4 is going to
> justify keeping the F8 updates flowing longer than has been standard
> practice.

I don't think so. This does not depend on us KDE folks, and I don't think a 
special exception will be made for KDE 3.

Making critical security updates available through a third-party repository 
would be possible in principle, but 1. some infrastructure is needed (for 
example, there's no way I can host those updates on repo.calcforge.org, that 
would blow up the bandwidth limits very quickly) and 2. experience from the 
failed Fedora Legacy project shows that getting people to actually do the work 
is almost impossible. And while I would be willing to help for the 1-2 months 
between F8 EOL and the availability of KDE 4.2 for F10 if bridging those 1-2 
months was really the problem, I'm sure people will STILL ask for extended F8 
support no matter how many improvements KDE 4 is getting and I'm just plain not 
interested in providing updates for F8 forever (and I don't think any Fedora 
maintainer is). And I also doubt I or any other single person could really keep 
up with security fixes in a one-man show.

Face it, KDE 3 is essentially on life support, there's nothing interesting 
going on there anymore, Fedora is about showcasing new technologies, they just 
don't fit together. If you want to keep old software, you should be looking for 
another distribution.

        Kevin Kofler

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