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Re: [Fw: Cambridge (F-10) Beta release announcement]

Around 12:11pm on Thursday, October 02, 2008 (UK time), Ed Greshko scrawled:

> Let's see....  There were total of 18 messages posted to the Announce
> list in the month of September.  I think maybe 3~5 were forwarded to
> this list....and that number seems to be only due to the intrusion. 
> Yeah, that increase in network traffic really bothers me.  It just has
> to be stomped out.  :-) :-)

Well I am with the people who find this anoying.  Not because it happens
with lots of messages, but because getting a message twice is just

The low quantity of messages on the Announce list can just goes to show
why anyone who has an interest in this should be able to subscribe to
the list without being swamped.


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