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[OT] CentOS 3rd party repositories?

Forgive me for querrying the Fedora list for this, but I really don't want to 
subscribe to a Yet Another Mailing List just to have this one single basic 
question answered. It is quite unlikely that I will be having any more 
questions about CentOS in the future, so...

Ok, to the problem --- I have one (soon to be two) CentOS 5.2 machine(s), and 
I seem to miss some packages that I am used to in Fedora:

1) kmod-nvidia and kmod-fglrx --- searching through the web, all I see about 
CentOS is installing/compiling drivers straight from nVidia and ATI. Are 
there maintained yumable packages that get autoupdated along with CentOS 
kernel like the ones for Fedora?

2) BackupPC --- so far it was running quite well for me on Fedora, but it does 
not seem to exist for CentOS, which comes with some other (equivalent) tools. 
Am I destined to use those, or am I missing some repository where backuppc 
can be found? Or should I compile it myself?

3) Cairo-dock --- ok, this is not essential, but I like it :-). However, yum 
says no matches found.

Just to note, so far I have enabled the default base, extras, updates 
repositories from CentOS, and in addition the Dag repository for RHEL5 and 
adobe repository for flash.

ATrpms has way too obsolete installation instructions (some others too --- 
Dries comes to mind) to be seriously considered as a reliable repository. For 
example, Livna has a .rpm file for each Fedora distro that I just have to 
install and it is ready to go. On ATrpms website I was told to manually edit 
the .repo files according to the template given for Fedora 7 (!!!), changing 
some parameters to suit my own distro (???)... Wtf? Did I miss the right 
instructions page? This is just user-unfriendly, to say the least. But I may 
even try it out if someone just gives me the exact contents of the 
appropriate .repo file that works with CentOS 5.2, and if ATrpms has all 
these packages that I need, updated more often than their website...

This machine is meant to be unattended (physically, not remotely) for a period 
of 3 years, so I guessed that CentOS is the distro that would Just Work in 
such conditions, and at the same time it is similar enough to Fedora that I 
shall be comfortable admining it remotely as neccessary.

The other machine is to be used as a desktop machine by a serve-on-a-plate 
kind of user who knows nothing beyond kde menus (hence the question about 
automatic graphics drivers), also admined by me remotely.

I will be thankful for any suggestions about the above. I do not insist on yum 
and will content to build from source, if I can be guaranteed that such setup 
will not break after 3 years of possible (regular) kernel updates.

Excuse me again for not going to CentOS list for this, it seems obvious that a 
lot of people here use CentOS as well, so... ;-)

Best, :-)

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