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Re: IRC classroom sessions

On Thu, 2 Oct 2008 00:03:10 -0200
feng shaun gmail com ("Armin Moradi") wrote:

> Oh I definitely would attend the classroom!!!  What better
> opportunity than this to learn more about Fedora?

Yes, hopefully it will work out. ;) 

> >From sample sessions you listed, I would want to attend all of them,
> >I'm
> interested in all especially new features, making rpm package, bug
> triage, and finding bugs.
> Well, I live in canada maritimes (eastern time) and the best time
> would be weekends at around 4pm.  That would be the best option, but
> I would try to attend the classes on other times.  Although as I'm a
> student, I cannot attend any classes in the mornings.


> I couldn't be more willing.  I have some knowledge of compiling
> stuff, and basic usage of VCSs (svn & git), and ummm some KDE
> experience.  But yes, if time permits, I'm very willing to lead a
> classroom!! (and most probably time will permit)

Excellent. ;) 

> Looking forward to attend classes,
> and that's a brilliant idea by the way!

Thanks. I just hope there is enough interest and things work out... ;) 

Thanks for your feedback. 


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