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Re: F8: no fullscreen video with ATI fglrx driver

On Thursday 02 October 2008 19:00, wwp wrote:
> since I use the fglrx driver in my Fedora 8 (Dell D810, X600 ATI board,
> was using the radeon driver before), I can't get mplayer or xkype to
> display a video in fullscreen. Pressing F in mplayer just does paint
> the original size video in a black fullscreen. I think it's an issue I
> could solve long time ago in my FC3 or FC5, but now I'm stuck with it.
> mplayer says:
> [VO_XV] It seems there is no Xvideo support for your video card available.
> [VO_XV] Run 'xvinfo' to verify its Xv support and read
> [VO_XV] DOCS/HTML/en/video.html#xv!
> [VO_XV] See 'mplayer -vo help' for other (non-xv) video out drivers.
> [VO_XV] Try -vo x11.
> Running `mplayer -vo x11 ...` doesn't help there.

I second this, have the same issue. :-( I don't exactly know what is the 
problem, but suspect that ATI has a pos binary driver yet again...

I should have purchased some nVidia card, their binary driver usually Just 
Works... And they do not bragg about supporting open source, as those ATI 
hypocrits... :-<

Anyway, until the issue is settled, you can try a workaround if your processor 
is fast enough --- it works for me:

mplayer -vo x11 -zoom -fs movie.avi

HTH, :-)

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