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Re: CentOS 3rd party repositories?

On Thursday 02 October 2008 13:24, Axel Thimm wrote:
> > <rant>
> > ATrpms has way too obsolete installation instructions (some others too
> > --- Dries comes to mind) to be seriously considered as a reliable
> > repository. For example, Livna has a .rpm file for each Fedora distro
> > that I just have to install and it is ready to go. On ATrpms website I
> > was told to manually edit the .repo files according to the template given
> > for Fedora 7 (!!!), changing some parameters to suit my own distro
> > (???)... Wtf? Did I miss the right instructions page? This is just
> > user-unfriendly, to say the least. But I may even try it out if someone
> > just gives me the exact contents of the appropriate .repo file that works
> > with CentOS 5.2, and if ATrpms has all these packages that I need,
> > updated more often than their website... </rant>
> <rantback>
> Try http://atrpms.net/name/atrpms-package-config/
> </rantback>

Oh, well, that is a nice surprise! Apologies for the rant. :-)

Btw, what is medley?

Best, :-)

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