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SELinux - a question about external drive after upgrade

I have a question related to something I had not thought about before...

I have an external USB drive that has been used for quite some time as a 
backup drive attached to a machine that has SELinux disabled. Other machines
in the LAN are backed up to the same external drive using rsync to the machine
on which the external drive is attached. So there are no security contexts
for files on the backup drive.

Some of the other local machines are now upgraded to F9 running SElinux enabled, 
but of course the backups produce files on the external drive without any
SELinux context information, since the machine that writes then has SELinux

So the question arises - if the main machine is then upgraded to F9 with
SELinux enabled - what will happen to backup files when the original external
drive is plugged in and used?

Will the filesystem on the external drive need to be relabelled once the machine
on which it is attached has been upgraded?  If so what is the cleanest and safest
way to get the whole system using SELinux?

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