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Re: active connection problem

On Thu, 2008-10-02 at 18:39 -0700, Fred Silsbee wrote:
> I am going blind. I have looked through the popup menu for KDE 4.1.1
> until I turned green but I do not see Network Manager.

I'll just say this up front:  It really pays to say which window manager
you're using, especially if not the default Gnome, it'll affect how
other people provide information.  I don't use KDE, but I do try it out
from time to time.

> yumex says it is installed...maybe it is a gnome thing

No, not really.

> I found network config and network device control but no network
> manager.

"NetworkManager" is a service, likewise is "network", they run in the
background, managing your network interfaces for you.  You can find them
listed in whatever shows you a list of running services [1].  There are
tools for configuring them, or simply bringing already configured
interfaces up and down, that are separate.  And you can find ones made
for Gnome and KDE.

  1. e.g. system-config-services  (graphical tool)
     e.g. chkconfig --list        (chkconfig is a command line tool)

However, I think you *might* not want automatic network configuration,
since you discussed setting IP address, netmask, gateway, etc.  If
that's the case, that you want manual configuration, you're better off
to turn off the NetworkManager service, and the network service on.
Then, you can use something [2] to manually set up your network.

  2. e.g. system-config-network    (a graphical tool)

Do you know how to start and stop services, and to set which ones will
be started automatically?

This appears to be something unrelated (screensaving, not network):

> I could not find kpowersave except in the system tray as a power plug
> icon.
> kpowersave had options relating to the screensaver

Start a separate thread for it.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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