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F10: a few issues and suggestions


Yesterday I installed F10 and a few issues:

1) After checking the dvd, it ejected and when I inserted it back to continue the installation, there was a message saying that the there was no medium. I had to reboot and skip the checking to continue the installation.

2) At the end of installation, the dvd didn't ejected as expected.


3) I really liked the icons, but that default background (I think is the same in F9 and in the login screen) is horrible. I suggest to use "flow" as default background.

4) I liked the "silk"(?) background. If there could be a theme using it would be good. In certain way, something like the ubuntu theme, which I think if very elegant.

5) I also suggest to borrow as an extra theme the the gnome look of Opensuse 11. I don't know if I'll use, but at least is a interesting.

Thanks for your attention.


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