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Re: SELinux - a question about external drive after upgrade

Daniel J Walsh <dwalsh <at> redhat.com> writes:
> If you mount with a "context=" flag no context will get placed on the disk.
> You may/probably do not want the files on this backup to have the
> labels, and often are better off calling restorecon when placing them
> back on disk.  If you have different policies on different machines, the
> layout of file  context maybe different and in some cases the types on
> one machine might not be understood on another.
> By placing the files back on a machine and running restorecon, you are
> saying that you want the files labeled according to the policy of the
> current machine.

Thanks Dan - generally true although I have modified some contexts without
having an associated policy so some of the individual files would need to 
then be amended after a restorecon... which was why I thought that the
way to go was to backup with exactly the contexts from the originating 
machine with the intention that the files from backup would only ever
be used on the originating machine in the event of lost files or 
some other catastrophe.

Would that be appropriate in this case?

Your help is appreciated on this.

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