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KDE 4.1.2 released... next new feature release will be Jan 09... F8 implications.

I am not running KDE4.1 anymore as I reverted back to F8.  However, it
is interesting to not that the KDE team released KDE4.1.2 this morning
and in their release, they say this:

"no new features went into KDE 4.1.2, but some nice bug fixes instead.
David Faure has fixed a long-standing and annoying performance issue
when deleting files using KIO, so you can now accidentally delete your
home directory 32 times faster For the more faint-hearted, it will also
work well with other files. You can read about all the changes that went
into Codename in the changelog which offers links to the comprehensive
SVN log files. KDE 4.1.2 is a recommended upgrade for everybody running
KDE 4. The next feature release of the KDE workspace and applications
will be in January 2009 when 4.2.0 will be upon you"


In other words, F10, when it ships in October, is going to have the same
KDE functionality that F9 has now, ie it is missing a lot of commonly
needed desktop functionality.  An increase in KDE4 functionality won't
occur until the KDE 4.2.0 release in January, if there isn't a schedule

Support for F8 is going to cease in December.  I plan to continue to run
F8 until KDE 4.2.1 is released. 

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