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gdm does not execute PreSession PostSession scripts

I'm wondering if this is a widely experienced problem.  I've found one
report about it in the Fedora bugzilla.

I've noticed that the customized gdm PreSession/Default and
PostSession/Default scripts that I've been using for years in Fedora
1-8 no longer run on a system that recently upgraded to Fedora 9.
There have been many changes in Fedora's gdm this time, no more
gdmsetup program and such, but as far as I can see in the
documentation, the scripts are supposed to run still, but they don't.

This bug report says that the /etc/gdm/PostSession default is not executed


THat's probably same as this one;


It appears to me that neither PreSession nor PostSession is executed.

You can see for yourself if you put something simple in PreSession/Default like

echo "whatever" >> /tmp/checkingOnGDM

It simply appears as if GDM is by passing the scripts altogether.

It is important to me to know if we are just a few isolated people for
whom this does not work. I mean, does it work for nobody, but most
people don't try?  Or does it work for some people?

There are so many changes in the gdm used in F9 and the documentation
has not caught up with it, I think.

Assuming gdm is broken, can you suggest an alternative way to run a
script every time users log in and log out?

Paul E. Johnson
Professor, Political Science
1541 Lilac Lane, Room 504
University of Kansas

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