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Re: KDE 4.1.2 released... next new feature release will be Jan 09... F8 implications.

2008/10/3 Linuxguy123 <linuxguy123 gmail com>:
> In other words, F10, when it ships in October, is going to have the same
> KDE functionality that F9 has now, ie it is missing a lot of commonly
> needed desktop functionality.  An increase in KDE4 functionality won't
> occur until the KDE 4.2.0 release in January, if there isn't a schedule
> slip.

I might just as well say that KDE 3 is still missing a lot of commonly
needed desktop functionality, yet we used to have it in Fedora for
many years anyway ;-)

For me, the KDE 4 series has mostly worked fine, especially since KDE 4.1.

I may be wrong, but I'd guess the decision to push KDE 4.1 into Fedora
9 months after F9's release was a relatively unusual one. Hadn't that
been done, we would be getting an upgrade from the 4.0 series to
4.1.2, which I think would have been a very dramatic improvement. Now
that the KDE SIG has worked very hard to spoil us with 4.1 in F9, we
are going to be really disappointed when we realize that F10 is
actually going to have the same version of KDE.

There will be some improvements though, like more applications ported
to KDE 4. Kdepim is one of the most significant of those, as well as
Amarok 2 (which is still in beta).

I'm sorry, but I just don't understand what KDE should offer in order
to please some of the more demanding users. There will be at least
three different main menu alternatives, one of which is very close to
the one in KDE 3, and Krunner is also a very nice, additional way to
start programs. There is a desktop icon implementation that is, in my
opinion, one of the nicest ones available. There are two good file
managers which even work and integrate together. There is Plasma,
which provides us with a good-looking and modular system to manage and
control our desktops. The panels may be a bit rough in the edges, but
they usually work just fine and they already offer a lot of
functionality that is not available elsewhere. The only problem I see
in KDE 4 is the slight bugginess, but that's what the developers are
working on with these maintenance releases.

> Support for F8 is going to cease in December.  I plan to continue to run
> F8 until KDE 4.2.1 is released.

Nobody is stopping you, but I'd recommend running a distribution that
is still being actively maintained.

I think CentOS 5 would have you supported for at least five years from
now, and it has KDE 3.5.

Joonas Sarajärvi
muepsj gmail com

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