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Re: [Fw: Cambridge (F-10) Beta release announcement]

Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
>> or will
>> think some of them silly and ignore them....
> In which case they should be called on it. Thinking a guideline (there
> are few if any "rules" here and no "regulations" I know of) is silly is
> a reason to propose an alternative, not simply to ignore it.
My comment didn't suggest that they shouldn't be called on it.  Simply
that not everyone will agree to follow the guidelines.  Heck, even if it
is a law...just as the law against speeding...people will violate. 

The vast majority of the posters here do follow the guidelines.  Of the
ones that don't, or didn't, were unaware and when informed, followed. 
Others think some just don't.  Yet that number is small.
>>   Some folks here act as if
>> anarchy is breaking out and the whole world order is collapsing when
>> someone top posts....
> Top-posting, posting in HTML, quoting entire digests (and not editing
> quotes, which I admit most of us are guilty of from time to time) are
> real impediments. It's reasonable to draw attention to the guidelines
> when the poster clearly hasn't noticed them or has decided they don't
> apply to him.
I guess I just don't buy in to these things being "real" impediments.  
Top posting doesn't happen all that much and even when it does it is
very easy to ignore.  Sometimes I feel that this HTML battle is simply a
desire to wear a "geek" badge.  "I'm a geek...we only use plain text".  
If I were to anything a "real" impediment it would be posts without a
descriptive subject...."Help Me".  Yet it doesn't imped me....but may
imped the author since some of us will simply skip those posts.

Yet, either way, I'm not suggesting that folks shouldn't mention
it....but they also shouldn't go all bonkers if their suggestions are
ignored.  I am also an advocate of mentioning the "infraction" to the
OPs *off-list*. 


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