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Re: Nvidia Drivers for Fedora 9

Jerry Feldman wrote:
The advantage to using livna is that they are included in RPM packages. If you get them directly from Nvidia, when you get an updated kernel you would have to reinstall the drivers. IMHO: It is usually better to use RPM packages rather than tarballs because of the database. But, there are always exceptions.

On 10/03/2008 02:41 PM, gary artim wrote:
check out http://rpm.livna.org -- gary

On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 11:35 AM, Alex Makhlin <makhlina gmail com> wrote:

I own an HP dv9208nr laptop and am looking for the latest Nvidia drivers. I had a diver for it before but had to reinstall my system and now I am having trouble finding the latest driver and utilities. Can anyone point me to the
write direction?

Thank you

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Thanks allot!! You really answered my question with this. I spent all day yesterday trying to install Nvidia's driver with no success. Now the driver is working great!

Thank again,

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