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Re: More RAID-1 problems

Les Mikesell wrote:
jeff bubble org wrote:
I've again run into a problem with RAID-1 on my system. I can mount all the raid volumes using the linux rescue boot option from the install CD.

it appears as the mdadm is not starting properly or assembling the array
properly.  Can anybody confirm if the init file appears correct?  I
tried modifying the mdadm line to remove the /dev/md3 (and 6) and it
tried to assemble all the volumes but said that /dev/mdX (listed all
my array volums) didn't exist with "mdadm: no devices found for /dev/md..."

This is probably too obvious to mention, but are the underlying partition types set to FD (raid autodetect). I don't see why they'd work from the rescue boot if they aren't though unless you are assembling them by hand.

I wish that was the problem but alas, I checked, all the partitions are set to 0xfd, and the rescue disk is automatically assembling them.


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