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Re: More RAID-1 problems

Les Mikesell wrote:
jeff bubble org wrote:

I extracted the initrd file and looked at the file "init".  in this file
I can see the following (relevant) information..

echo Creating block device nodes.
echo "loading raid1 module"
modprobe -q raid1

Don't you need a "modprobe md" before this? Did you build this configuration with the installer or have you copied a working system to a different machine?

Not sure if I need the modprobe md first, I thought (incorrectly?) that when you load a module it loads all the required modules with it.

This was a system converted to a RAID 1 setup a while back, after the raid was configured I had rebuild the initrd with the following command:
mkinitrd --preload=raid1 initrd-2.6 ......

The exact method I used can be found in this message I sent to the list about a year ago:


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