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Re: More RAID-1 problems

Jeffrey Ross wrote:

Les Mikesell wrote:
jeff bubble org wrote:

I extracted the initrd file and looked at the file "init".  in this file
I can see the following (relevant) information..

echo Creating block device nodes.
echo "loading raid1 module"
modprobe -q raid1

Don't you need a "modprobe md" before this? Did you build this configuration with the installer or have you copied a working system to a different machine?

Not sure if I need the modprobe md first, I thought (incorrectly?) that when you load a module it loads all the required modules with it.

This was a system converted to a RAID 1 setup a while back, after the raid was configured I had rebuild the initrd with the following command:
mkinitrd --preload=raid1 initrd-2.6 ......

The exact method I used can be found in this message I sent to the list about a year ago:

I don't know enough about the technique to be more specific, but only the modules known to be needed will be included in the initrd. Maybe you need to tell it about md explicitly. I've occasionally found it easier to install a minimal system with a separate /boot partition on new/changed hardware, then copy over everything except /boot (tweaking /etc/fstab and /etc/modprobe.conf as needed) than to try to figure out the names of all the needed modules and the other stuff anaconda knows about.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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