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Re: How is KDE4 supposed to be used ?

Dave Feustel <dfeustel <at> mindspring.com> writes:
> Neither xterm nor konqueror is in the menu list as far as I can tell.

Konqueror is definitely in the menu!

As for xterm, if it isn't listed in the menu, that's a bug in the xterm 
package, please file a bug in Bugzilla, all GUI programs are supposed to be 
registered in the menus! (But why don't you just use Konsole?)

> I tried drag n drop but it does not work for me.

Try right-click and "Add to panel".

> I have used kde3 for quite a while with no problems, but I am not familiar
> with Kickoff or "classic menu" in kde4. I tried to find something about
> Kickoff but had no success. Is there a url where I can learn about how to use
> them?

Kickoff is the new-style menu, the classic menu is the old-style one. You can 
switch from one to the other with a right-click on the Fedora logo (or the KDE 
logo, depending on your icon theme) which opens the menu (there's a "switch to 
Kickoff/Classic menu style" entry in the context menu). The classic menu 
doesn't have many secrets (it's simple and straightforward), for Kickoff there 
might be a screencast somewhere, but it's designed to be intuitive.

        Kevin Kofler

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